CIBC Initiates $12 Millionto Help Phorest Salon Software in Accelerating Business Growth

CIBC | March 10, 2022

CIBC Innovation Banking is excited to announce that it will finance Dublin-based Phorest Salon Software (“Phorest with $12 million) to accelerate business growth. Phorest Salon Software is a leading online booking and management software provider for salon owners. Phorest will expand its market position and accelerate its strategic products with the help of capital.

CIBC Innovation Banking has provided incredible support to our team at Phorest over the years. We’re thankful for their assistance through this growth structure, which will empower our immediate market development plans and accelerated product initiatives.”

Jonathan Miller, VP of Finance at Phorest.

Phorest’s software is being used by over 155,000 clinical, hair, and beauty professionals across 8,500 businesses, and the counting is still increasing after the initiative by CIBC. The software enables salon teams to focus on their passion as well as business growth by lowering the administrative burden. Phorest is actively in the path of enabling best-in-class salon marketing tools and wants to enhance every section of the salon for customers to gain optimum experience in the future. From online bookings salon applications to stock controls through payments and eCommerce will be the real goal for Phorest through its latest innovative software.

We’re proud to be supporting Phorest as they continue to scale their offerings for hair, beauty, and clinic professionals. Phorest and its team have provided solutions to thousands of businesses in the industry, and we look forward to seeing how they grow through the development of new strategic products.”

Sean Duffy, Managing Director in CIBC Innovation Banking’s London, UK office.


“82% of investors believe companies often resort to legal but ‘creative’ accounting tactics in order to satisfy or attract investors” Against a backdrop of high-profile misreporting and fraud scandals that have shaken trust in audit and accounting globally, we wanted to know how much investors care about the minutiae of financia


“82% of investors believe companies often resort to legal but ‘creative’ accounting tactics in order to satisfy or attract investors” Against a backdrop of high-profile misreporting and fraud scandals that have shaken trust in audit and accounting globally, we wanted to know how much investors care about the minutiae of financia

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Alacriti Announces Cloud-Native End-to-End Solution for Faster Payment Experiences

Business Wire | October 23, 2020

Alacriti, a fintech company specializing in payments today announced its Cosmos for RTP solution, powered by the Orbipay Platform. Cosmos for RTP enables banks and credit unions to quickly and seamlessly connect to The Clearing House’s RTP® network and deliver innovative real-time payment services to their customers. Alacriti’s solution allows financial institutions to rapidly leverage the power and convenience of RTP to drive new revenue without the burden of significant infrastructure overhauls or capital investments.

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Fraugsterand Payaut Partnership will Provide Fraud Prevention Services to E-commerce Marketplaces

Fraugsterand | February 15, 2022

Fraugster and Payaut have come together with a similar aim to provide prevention services to marketplaces. Fraugster is a German-Israeli payment intelligence company and collaborated with payout specialist, Payaut. The collaboration will enable marketplaces to access a wide range of fraud prevention, uplifted revenue, and compliance solutions. According to Digital Commerce 360, it was recorded in 2020 that marketplaces accounted for 62 percent of global online consumer sales. The recorded top 100 online marketplaces facilitated the sale of $2.67 trillion in gross merchandise in the same year. However, marketplaces often face fraud challenges with increasing sales monthly and annually. One of the most significant is Chargebacks. It faced true fraud or friendly fraud (AKA chargeback fraud). To cope with such situations, Fraugster's Managed Services solutions for marketplaces will aid marketplaces by providing a guarantee through AI data. In this way, marketplaces can get enriched access over global sanctions lists with the help of single integration, get accurate decision-making factors, overall fraud monitoring, and focus on resources, time, and investment options in the crucial business areas. Founded in 2019, Payaut is a licensed European payment institute by payment industry and eCommerce experts. The mission of Payaut is to provide the best e-commerce experience for operators and users of online marketplaces. Its payment solution ensures that money flow through the online marketplace meets the right seller—individual or a business. On this venture, Ernst Van Niekerk, Payaut CEO, says, "We look forward to working together with Fraugster to provide fraud prevention services to marketplaces. Instead of shopping around and contacting several different vendors, marketplaces can access all their fraud prevention needs via one vendor - Fraugster. Through a single integration, marketplaces can select from multiple solutions, including full chargeback protection, resulting in streamlining and simplifying fraud detection." Also, about the collaboration, Christian Mangold, Fraugster Co-CEO, says, "The collaboration with Payaut is another step in successfully supporting the Marketplace ecosystem. With this partnership and our recent teaming up with German marketplace Refurbed, we are further extending our fraud prevention capabilities by providing flexible and scalable solutions for online marketplace platforms."

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AppZen Announces the First-ever Finance AI AppStore

AppZen | June 25, 2021

AppZen, the pioneer in modern Finance Ai technology, announced the launch of the AppZen AppStore today, that also facilitates finance teams to easily streamline universal expense reviews and approvals, to comply with company laws and regulations. It is the only Finance AI AppStore specifically designed for finance teams, premised on the thousands of expense reports AppZen's Mastermind AI has scanned for 1,800+ customers. All worldwide clients will have access to these applications, allowing them to swiftly and simply automate expense policy management depending on changing business demands. "AppZen's solutions are purpose-built to handle the particular complexity and demands of finance teams," said Kunal Verma, AppZen's Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. "We've learned a lot from our worldwide client base over the years, and we've put that knowledge into technology that's available to all of our customers. We realise that every company has distinct needs when it comes to policy and compliance, and the AppZen AppStore caters to those demands." The AppStore offers a variety of simple-to-install Mastermind AI-powered apps for resolving complicated expenditure issues, minimising wasteful spend, guaranteeing compliance, and reducing finance effort while enhancing finance choices. Customers can incorporate these applications effortlessly and quickly into their existing Expense Audit system, eliminating the need for costly development or a strain on IT resources. More than a dozen custom-designed apps are available in the AppStore, including: • Keep track of alcohol spending in specific grants or project-based work: Any cost software may track alcohol purchases. Mastermind AI goes beyond the basics and examines the intricate details of grants, such as those at a university or research organisation, to determine compliance based on requirements. • Detect sales tax in the United States: During the epidemic, teams had to spend more money on local and regional travel for shorter domestic visits. AppZen's MastermindAI can read and comprehend these costs, as well as calculate and collect the necessary tax based on location. • Rental vehicle upgrades: As more employees drive for business rather than fly, Mastermind AI analyses invoices and matches line items to particular rental car company programmes to identify hidden charges for upgrades. • Mastermind AI analyses and flags missing or inaccurate fapiao information for firms operating in China to guarantee that organisations qualify for appropriate business cost tax deductions. • Sign-in sheet detection: By identifying and reporting missing sign-in sheets, Mastermind AI guarantees compliance with the Sunshine Act.It verifies, for example, that personnel in the life sciences are reporting attendance while entertaining health care providers. AppZen will constantly update the AppStore with new services to assist clients in increasing efficiency. These applications assist improve specific policies and procedures to reach optimum levels of compliance and accuracy by utilising proprietary Mastermind AI. "The epidemic demonstrated the importance of making rapid policy changes in response to new and unusual conditions. We assisted our clients in addressing a number of critical concerns early on, such as managing remote work and safety or health expenditures, and we are now making customisation choices more broadly available. The shifting work environment will continue to change post-pandemic, and the AppZen AppStore makes this easier to support at scale "Verma said. About Apzen AppZen is the market leader in Finance AI software, providing the only autonomous Expense and AP processing software AI for modern finance teams. Our proprietary Mastermind AI interprets insight from thousands of data sources correctly and effectively, allowing businesses to better understand internal spending and make more informed business decisions. It interacts easily with current Expense and AP workflows to read, interpret, and make real-time choices based on your specific spend regulations, resulting in quicker processing times and fewer instances of fraud or duplicate expenditure. AppZen's Expense Audit and Autonomous AP solutions are used by over 1,800 worldwide companies, including one-third of the Fortune 500, to eliminate manual finance procedures and increase the speed and agility of their company.

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