California Mortgage Relief Program Begins Accepting Applications for Homeowners

California Mortgage | January 06, 2022

California’s mortgage relief program for homeowners is now easily accessible as it started releasing and accepting applications online. The program will benefit tens of thousands of struggling homeowners. The program is arranged to repay overlooked mortgage payments or reverse mortgage arrearages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Homeowners can obtain information on eligibility requirements and apply methods at

The California Mortgage Relief Program aims to provide support to forty thousand residents who fell behind housing payments during the pandemic.

Governor Gavin Newsom puts out a statement on this event. He says,

“Californians made incredible sacrifices throughout the pandemic; some falling behind on mortgage payments due to no fault of their own. We stepped in early to prevent foreclosures, but that debt didn’t disappear. Now, California is here to help by keeping families stably housed continues to be a critical public health measure, and with today’s announcement, we are helping them keep roofs over their heads.”

Altogether, California homeowners ranging from low to moderate-income lapsed at least two mortgage payments before the launch of this program. As a result of this, their household income went below 100% of their country’s Area Median Income, which is based on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2021 Homeowner Assistance Fund Income Limits.

Now applicants under the program must own a single-family home, condo, or permanently affixed manufactured home in California. By introducing the program California has set a series of requirements for residents eligible to receive funds under the program.

After President Biden was elected and Democrats secured control of the House and Senate, I was able to secure $10 billion in the American Rescue Plan to create a national Homeowner Assistance Fund to help homeowners stay stably housed during these difficult times. These funds will help Californians fully reinstate their mortgages and avoid foreclosure to remain stably housed. I am very pleased that California received over $1 billion of this funding and has begun to help homeowners with the launch of its state program today."

Congresswoman Maxine Waters 

Finally, to apply under the program applicants will need to upload documents to determine eligibility. For this, they may include bank statements, mortgage statements, income documentation, and utility bills. Therefore, a high volume of applications is expected for applications.


Companies worldwide are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation that has only accelerated in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This transformation includes crucial financial systems and the ways in which businesses are handling the myriad of requirements impacting tax determination and reporting. Clunky, outdated


Companies worldwide are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation that has only accelerated in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This transformation includes crucial financial systems and the ways in which businesses are handling the myriad of requirements impacting tax determination and reporting. Clunky, outdated

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Sardine & Fortress Trust Partner for Global Blockchain Payments & On/Off-Ramps

Businesswire | May 02, 2023

Sardine AI and Fortress Trust, two leaders in the financial services industry, have joined forces to enhance the safety and security of blockchain-based payments (“ePayments”) worldwide. The partnership will bring together the unique strengths of each company to provide safer, faster, and compliant ePayments for their clients. Sardine offers a unified risk management platform with API’s for fraud prevention, compliance, and instant settlement. By combining advanced machine learning with a powerful no-code rule builder, Sardine helps companies detect and stop fraud real-time. Fortress Trust is a technology-driven financial institution with robust APIs for foundational ePayment infrastructure, including fiat on/off-ramps, transaction monitoring, and self-custody wallets, setting the industry standard in advancing the development of secure blockchain payment infrastructure. Through this collaboration, Fortress Trust is integrating Sardine's AML/Fraud infrastructure into its stack, and Sardine is using Fortress Trust's on/off-ramps, liquidity, custodial trust solutions, and user wallets to enhance its offerings. The partnership will provide faster and safer ePayments for clients globally, enabling them to frictionlessly and confidently modernize, leverage and scale their legacy payment solutions. By combining their unique strengths, Sardine and Fortress Trust are set to take domestic and global payments to the next level as businesses of all types replace archaic old-school ACH, wire, Swift and physical check payment rails with ePayments, thereby massively lowering costs and creating previously unattainable efficiencies for both payers and payees. "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sardine. With their innovative compliance and risk management platform and our leading Web3 infrastructure solutions, we are well-positioned to help businesses transform their payment solutions for employees, gig-workers, contractors, and vendors,” said Kevin Lehtiniitty, Co-Founder & CPO of Fortress Trust. This partnership represents a pivotal moment for the blockchain industry, and both Sardine and Fortress Trust are thrilled to work together to advance the development of secure blockchain-based payment infrastructure. With a shared commitment to security, compliance, and technology excellence, this partnership is poised to transform the future of payments. About Fortress Trust Fortress is a financial institution that provides Web3 financial, regulatory and technology infrastructure for blockchain innovators from Fortune 500 businesses to fintech startups who are building blockchain-based services that will transform the world. Fortress is the back-end infrastructure layer for payments, asset tokenization, regulated custody, compliance, and other services that enable B2B clients to launch quickly and scale effortlessly, Check us out at About Sardine Sardine offers a behavior-based platform for fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, and instant payments. Led by a team of industry veterans, and fraud experts from PayPal, Zelle, Revolut, Chase, and Coinbase, the company has quickly grown to over 200 global customers. Sardine has raised $75M, led by Andreessen Horowitz Growth, XYZ Capital, Google Ventures, Visa, Activant Capital, Experian, and ING Ventures.For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Stearns Bank & Sardine transform fintech compliance with a new operating system for risk management

PRnewswire | May 25, 2023

Stearns Bank N.A. has partnered with Sardine, a leading provider of risk management and compliance solutions, to enhance Stearns Bank's fintech program. This collaboration marks a first-of-its-kind approach in community banking to provide an all-in-one risk management and compliance platform for sponsored programs to address evolving regulatory and compliance requirements. As the demand for faster money movement increases, the risk of fraud increases. Stearns Bank and Sardine recognize the need for enhanced compliance and multi-layered fraud detection and prevention tools to safeguard faster payment offerings. Sardine's all-in-one risk management and compliance platform helps sponsor banks manage fintech oversight risks without needing multiple service providers. Sardine utilizes cutting-edge technology to consolidate critical compliance data and integrated risk scoring and offers banks a way to tackle modern fraud with real-time fraud detection, KYC, KYB, BSA/AML, and transaction monitoring in one solution. "Sardine breaks down data silos and enables our teams to efficiently identify issues for remediation and quickly pull together and share relevant data for further audit, examination, and regulatory purposes as needed," said Josh Hofer, Chief Risk & Information Security Officer of Stearns Bank. "This allows us to keep up with fintech innovation and scale our fintech offerings while enhancing risk management and streamlining compliance – what we're providing with Sardine is transformative for fintechs, community banks, and fintech sponsorship." With Sardine in place, Stearns Bank has real-time oversight into their KYC/AML policies, fraud, and AML transaction monitoring alerts across all their sponsored programs in one integrated dashboard. Stearns Bank can work directly with their fintech partners to easily create new fraud detection, KYC policy, or transaction monitoring rules via Sardine's no-code rule editor. "As regulations continue to evolve and scrutiny into the fintech space intensifies, which it should, Stearns Bank continues to prioritize risk management and compliance in its fintech partnerships and sponsorship offerings," said Kelly Skalicky, President and CEO of Stearns Bank. "We continue to assess and select our fintech partners based on our exacting Stearns Bank 'Risk-Management 1st' standards, selecting compliance-focused partners like Sardine committed to an elevated and always-maturing risk management model for deploying fintech-facilitated banking services." Skalicky added, "By leveraging our risk management and compliance expertise and Sardine's advanced compliance and monitoring technology, we can provide greater access to a wider range of secure banking services and capabilities with embedded future-forward compliance and risk management systems, proactively anticipating next-gen regulatory requirements." Sponsored fintechs can easily escalate suspicious customers or transactions to Stearns Bank via Sardine's SOC2 Type 2 compliant platform. This robust case management system enables data-sharing and dispositions without sharing critical personally-identifiable information via emails or other insecure messaging. "We're excited to work with a tech-savvy partner such as Stearns Bank to enhance their fintech offerings and showcase an innovative way to do program management of fintechs and embedded finance," said Soups Ranjan, CEO of Sardine. "Our unique platform enables enhanced monitoring of regulatory, reputation, and operational risk for sponsor banks through real-time views into aggregated fraud and compliance performance, as well as tools to manage and mitigate those risks." About Stearns Bank N.A. Minnesota-based Stearns Bank National Association is a $2.2 billion, independently-owned financial institution with locations in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona, and over 35,000 small business customers nationwide, in every state across the U.S. Recognized as having a bullet-proof balance sheet with 25% capital and earning top rankings as one of the nation's highest-performing banks by American Banker, and most recently ranked fourth in the U.S. among banks having more than $1 billion in assets by Independent Banker's 2023 Best of the Best ranking of banks with the highest 3-year average Return on Assets, Stearns Bank specializes in nationwide commercial construction lending, USDA and SBA lending, and small business and equipment financing. Driven by a passion to help others achieve their greatest ambitions, Stearns Bank's mission is to Get the Job Done! For more information, visit About Sardine Sardine is an all-in-one fraud detection, compliance, and risk management platform. An experienced team with deep banking and fraud prevention experience enabling the company to build innovative compliance and risk management services for financial institutions. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Pacific West Bank and Unit Announce Strategic Partnership

PRnewswire | April 06, 2023

Pacific West Bank (PWB), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific West Bancorp (OTC: PWBK) and Unit, the leading banking-as-a-service platform, today announced a strategic partnership. The partnership allows companies to embed banking services, provided by PWB, into their products through Unit's industry-leading platform. "We're excited to partner with Pacific West Bank as they share our commitment to compliance, security, and quality," said Itai Damti, CEO and co-founder of Unit. "Through this partnership, Unit will be able to empower more companies to build better banking solutions that improve financial access and deliver value." This partnership will allow both companies to continue their strong growth. Unit is trusted by nearly 200 leading brands to launch and scale financial features. Over the last year, Unit has seen transaction volume cross $4 billion, and deposits increase to more than $500 million. Pacific West Bank had record setting operating profits in 2022 growing net income more than 20% and is poised to continue their growth trajectory. "We see this partnership as a new opportunity for PWB to accelerate our growth, while expanding our mission to serve unique and diverse communities. We are thrilled to partner with Unit, the banking-as-a-service leader, as we look to take advantage of the exciting new embedded banking industry," said Jason Wessling, President and CFO of Pacific West Bank. The strategic partnership has already sourced several promising companies who are preparing to launch banking products in the coming weeks. "Pacific West Bank is a consistent supporter of the local community and is designated as a Benefit Corporation for Good, valuing people and planet in addition to profit," said Dana Lawrence, Director of Fintech Compliance at PWB. "Partnering with Unit and innovative fintech brands will be a natural next step for the Bank to increase the positive impact in communities beyond its physical footprint. I'm thrilled to be a part of the team and look forward to creating new economic opportunities in a safe and sustainable manner." Dana joined the Bank in August of 2022 and brings over 20 years of experience in financial services with the last 9 years building and scaling compliance and risk management programs for fintech and banking-as-a-service programs. About Pacific West Bancorp Information about the Holding Company's stock is available through the over-the-counter marketplace at (symbol PWBK). Pacific West Bank was formed in 2004 by Portland businesspeople to deliver loan and deposit product solutions through experienced and professional bankers to businesses, nonprofits, professionals, and individuals. The Bank serves the greater Portland Metro area with offices strategically located in Downtown Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and soon Vancouver, WA. About UNIT Unit is the leading banking-as-a-service platform that empowers companies to build banking into their products. Unit accelerates time to market and enables companies to launch bank accounts, cards, payment, and lending products in weeks. Headquartered in New York City and Tel Aviv, Unit is backed by top investors including Insight Partners, Accel, and Better Tomorrow Ventures and serves 200+ customers including AngelList, HoneyBook, and Roofstock.

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