Blackline and Google Cloud Partnership Expands Bringing Innovation to Finance & Accounting Businesses

Blackline | February 03, 2022

BlackLine, Inc. announced its expansion of partnership with Google Cloud Platform to bring enhanced automation solutions for finance and accounting (F&A) to businesses worldwide. Under the new expansion agreement, both the companies will collaborate on cooperative selling and other go-to-market activities to help more companies transform their digital finance transformation and modern accounting platform.

"With Google Cloud's cutting-edge cloud infrastructure, companies can efficiently deploy BlackLine on a global scale, delivering a unified and superior experience for businesses moving their finance and accounting operations to the cloud," said Mel Zeledon, senior vice president of Channels & Alliances at BlackLine. He further says, "Our expanded partnership reinforces BlackLine's cloud-first strategy for meeting the digital finance transformation needs of our customers through the development of innovative solutions and strategic partnerships with market-leading technology providers. Adding co-selling and joint marketing opens the door for us to bring BlackLine to Google Cloud customers worldwide on an accelerated timetable."

Finance and accounting companies are progressively looking to enhance and modernize their processes to enable agility, more incredible speed, and a strategy-based support system. The good part is that BlackLine's modern accounting solutions expanding over Google Cloud's infrastructure will aid CFOs and CIOs to risk-free their processes and encourage productivity with the help of enhanced user experience for its clients and customers. This is the best opportunity to seize for them in the growing digital landscape strategically. In addition, customers using Google Cloud tools alongside BlackLine can also gain essential financial insights from their data on accounting with the help of machine learning and analytics. Therefore, these opportunities will unlock critical information to help make key business decisions in the future.

As more organizations begin their digital transformation drives, finance and accounting teams are progressively seeking out solutions that enable process automation with speed and at scale. We're pleased to be furthering our partnership with BlackLine to provide customers with the solutions and technologies they need to transform their business digitally."

Bronwyn Hastings, vice president, Global Technology Partnerships, Google Cloud.

BlackLine CEO Marc Huffman also commented on the news. He says, "Google has been a valuable contributor on our Customer Advisory Board for many years now, sharing their digital finance transformation story with other industry leaders embarking on similar journeys. With this expanded partnership with Google Cloud, we're taking our synergistic relationship to the next level."


Companies of all industries and sizes are shifting their customer relationships from transactional to longer-term subscriptions. The benefits are proven—attract more customers, create more predictability in revenue, and achieve higher customer lifetime value. Traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) using a legacy order-ba


Companies of all industries and sizes are shifting their customer relationships from transactional to longer-term subscriptions. The benefits are proven—attract more customers, create more predictability in revenue, and achieve higher customer lifetime value. Traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) using a legacy order-ba

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TSG Launches TruMonitor, Enhancing its GEM Platform for Payments Companies

Business Wire | August 29, 2023

TSG (The Strawhecker Group), a globally recognized analytics, intelligence, and solutions-focused firm in the payments industry, is excited to launch TruMonitor, a new SaaS product and component of the firm’s Global Experience Monitoring (GEM) platform. GEM is a data-driven service that gives payments providers real-time insights to optimize experiences from the merchant, developer, and technical perspectives. TruMonitor caters to the technical perspective by providing 24x7 monitoring and alerts for APIs, websites, and multi-step processes. When evaluating the top fifty U.S. merchant acquiring homepages, TruMonitor identified that PayPal and Fiserv had the fastest websites, nearly four times faster than average.* TSG also monitored Contact pages, a key destination for prospective merchants, and found that Clearent, Global Payments, First American Payment Systems, and Fiserv experienced the fastest response times below .1 second, nearly five times quicker than the average. Additionally, TruMonitor found that twelve percent of the top fifty experienced outages on their homepage during a seven-day monitoring period, while fourteen percent had outages on their Contact page. “For merchants looking to accept payments, speed and uptime matters,” said Al Novacek, Senior Director of Product Operations at TSG. “Response times, outages, and other errors can all impact a company’s perception and ultimately their bottom line.” From monitoring shopping carts and identifying bottlenecks to ensuring merchant application sites are live and functioning, TruMonitor goes beyond the basic functionality of competing products to connect payments, merchants, and everything in between so users can protect brands, reputation, and revenue. “There is a real need for customized monitoring for the payments industry,” said Mike Strawhecker, President at TSG. “TruMonitor solves that need through personalized service that empowers GEM subscribers to track and benchmark vendors, competitors, and API performance. The product reflects the same goal of the overall GEM suite: help companies avoid pitfalls, lost revenue, and poor user experiences.” TruMonitor includes monitoring for websites, multi-step/click stream processes, networks/services (DNS, FTP, email, traceroute), and APIs. Users of the product enjoy real-time performance alerts, a customizable portal to monitor connections 24x7, daily automated reporting, training, support, and more. TSG maintains over 40 monitoring stations across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to sync data from multiple locations, eliminating false alerts. In addition to TruMonitor, GEM subscribers benefit from real (not synthetic) transaction metrics, and annual API set and developer roadmap assessments. Subscribing companies account for an estimated 62% of all payment gateway volume in the U.S., and the platform helps them increase customer retention by 5% or more. TruMonitor is also available to purchase as a standalone platform. About TSG TSG (The Strawhecker Group) is a globally recognized analytics and consulting firm that supports the entire payments ecosystem, serving over 1,000 clients from Fortune 500 leaders to more than a dozen of the world's most valuable brands. Trusted by industry leaders, TSG's strategic services, market intelligence, and analytics merge to empower clients with actionable and accessible information. Please visit

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Mobile Banking, Digital Banking Unveils Sphere: A Generative AI-Powered, ChatGPT-like Assistant, Redefining the Banking Experience for Banks & Credit Unions

PRnewswire | July 11, 2023, a frontrunner in providing AI-powered solutions for the financial industry, today announced the launch of Sphere - an innovative generative AI-powered multimodal assistant mirroring capabilities of ChatGPT. This trailblazing product suite offers a radical approach to banking, reshaping customer and employee experiences in banks and credit unions. As the marquee solution, Sphere leverages a mix of general and banking-specific AI, laying the groundwork to radically change banking experiences. Designed as a hyperautomation tool, it aims to automate nearly 95% of all inquiries currently handled by customer support, contributing to significant improvements in operational efficiency. Srinivas Njay, Co-founder and CEO at, shed light on the core aspects of Sphere, "This generative AI solution is designed to offer pervasive, enterprise-wide solutions for credit unions and banks. It performs as a steadfast champion, aiding tasks and persistently guiding customers towards financial wellness. With its advanced capabilities, Sphere facilitates faster knowledge acquisition and task completion, significantly augmenting and automating tasks for customers and employees. For customers, Sphere serves as a universal channel, eliminating the need for traditional online and mobile banking, and for employees, it negates the necessity to switch between multiple applications." Estela Nagahashi, EVP, Chief Operating Officer at University Credit Union, expressed her appreciation for Sphere's impact, "At UCU,'s Sphere replaces 14-15 applications, enhancing our frontline operations' efficiency by a factor of 10. This multimodal AI assistant empowers our contact centers and branch employees by offering efficient access to policies, procedures, and member knowledge." The newly introduced product suite, fueled by generative AI, comprises Sphere for Customers and Sphere for Employees. Both offer an industry-first, ChatGPT-like universal channel, replete with a variety of innovative features. Sphere for Customers stands as a groundbreaking channel, integrating multimodal inputs and outputs that combine text, visuals, audio, and video. Key features include an 'in-context maestro' that provides intelligent, real-time guidance and a 'co-pilot' that constantly supports users throughout their journeys. A marketplace of plugins further bolsters its functionality with integrations to all major banking systems and drives adaptability while enhancing the customer experience. Transitioning to Sphere for Employees, this revolutionary assistant is designed to be a comprehensive tool for frontline staff. Like its counterpart, it comes with multimodal inputs and outputs that combine text, visual, audio, and video, providing a seamless, interactive experience. One of its standout features is the 'bullpen', which smoothly hands off the context from the AI chat or call to the AI assistant used by frontline staff. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with Nexus, pulling up the necessary documents right when they're needed. Nexus is a 360-degree dashboard that provides frontline staff with all the necessary information - customer details, their queries, and related documents. It even highlights the relevant sections in the documents or triggers appropriate actions via API or RPA when needed. Sphere for Employees also features a 'co-pilot' offering constant assistance throughout the staff's journey. Like Sphere for Customers, it includes a marketplace of plugins, further boosting its functionality and adaptability. Sphere for Employees replaces multiple applications traditionally used by frontline staff, thereby dramatically augmenting operational efficiency. This transformation is set to redefine how banking frontline teams operate and engage, making it a game-changer in the industry. About is an AI leader specializing in Intelligent Virtual Assistants for the financial sector. By integrating its deep banking domain understanding with AI, is transforming interactions between banks, credit unions, their customers, and employees, leading the charge into the era of Interactive Intelligence for Banking.

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RightCapital and PreciseFP Announce New Data Integration to Better Serve Financial Planning Community

PR Newswire | August 28, 2023

RightCapital, the fastest-growing financial planning software for financial advisors, and PreciseFP, the award-winning client engagement and data gathering platform from Docupace, today announced a data integration partnership. This new bi-directional API integration helps advisors save time and streamline the financial planning process by exporting and importing selected household account data between the two platforms. RightCapital is a leading financial planning software that received the highest advisor satisfaction rating in both the 2023 Kitces AdvisorTech Study and the 2023 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey. PreciseFP, which recently joined LPL Financial's affinity partnership program, makes manual, error-prone data entry a thing of the past — providing financial advisors with more time to meet with clients, create financial plans and grow their businesses. Once an advisor enables the RightCapital integration within PreciseFP, they can select accounts to sync household data including Client and Co-Client contact information, family members, income, expenses (export only), and goals. Advisors will also be able to customize how the fields in PreciseFP are mapped to the fields in RightCapital. "We're thrilled to add PreciseFP as our latest data integration partner to help advisors minimize manual data entry and free up their time to focus on more important tasks," said Shuang Chen, co-founder and CEO of RightCapital. "As advisor tech stacks are becoming more sophisticated, ensuring that RightCapital integrates with the tools our advisors use is a top priority for us." "Both RightCapital and PreciseFP are the highest rated advisor tech tools in their respective categories in the new AdvisorTech Study from Michael Kitces," said Richard Thoeny, executive vice president – Product Strategy for PreciseFP. "It's no wonder financial advisors have been clamoring for integration and we're delighted to meet this demand." Upcoming RightCapital and PreciseFP Integration Demo To learn more about the PreciseFP and RightCapital integration, join Thoeny and Ted Denbow, vice president of sales for RightCapital on Tuesday, Aug. 29 at 1 p.m. EDT, for a special webinar illustrating how to utilize PreciseFP and RightCapital to improve client engagement and be more efficient during the financial planning process. About RightCapital RightCapital's mission is to create Right Plans for Real People™. RightCapital is used by thousands of financial advisors to grow their practices and set their clients on the path to financial success. Founded in 2015, RightCapital is the fastest-growing financial planning software with the highest advisor satisfaction (Source: The Kitces Report - 2023 AdvisorTech Study). For more information, visit About Docupace PreciseFP was acquired by Docupace in September 2021, advancing the company's mission to deliver an end-to-end wealthtech ecosystem for advisors to engage clients and prospects. Docupace is a solutions provider focused on digitizing and automating operations in the financial advice and investment industry. Financial services firms use the Docupace Platform (a cloud-based, integrated software suite) to reduce back-office expenses, improve efficiency, strengthen recruiting, and enhance the experience of advisors and investors. Docupace is proud to serve some of the largest independent broker-dealers and registered investment advisers (RIAs) in the financial services industry. The company was recently named a finalist in two categories for's 2022 "Wealthie" Awards and PreciseFP was the 2021 winner in the client onboarding solution category. The company was named to the 2021 Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest-growing companies; listed as a Top 100 FinTech by Cramer + Associates, named to the Los Angeles Business Journal's 2021 list of "Disruptors", won the 2021 Gold Globee® Award for "Hot Technology of the Year", and included in Industry Wired's Top 10 list of Most Recommended FinTech Solution Providers in 2020. For more information, please visit

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