Apex Fintech Solutions and Unifimoney Announce Partnership to Provide America’s Credit Unions and Community Banks with Digital Investment Solutions

Unifimoney and Apex Fintech Solutions | December 19, 2022 | Read time : 04:00 min

Apex Fintech Solutions and Unifimoney Announce Partnership
Apex Fintech Solutions (“Apex”), the powerhouse enabling seamless access, frictionless investing, and scalable infrastructure for hundreds of leading fintech companies, today announced a partnership with Unifimoney Inc. ("Unifimoney") a multi asset digital wealth management platform for community banks and credit unions.

The collaboration allows community banks and credit unions to enable their account holders access to Unifimoney’s turnkey digital wealth management platform and Apex Clearing Corporation’s modern digital clearing and custody engine. Services include Robo Advisory and self-directed trading for thousands of stocks and ETFs. Apex Clearing Corporation, a subsidiary of Apex Fintech Solutions, provides clearing and custody services to industry leading brokerages.

Unifimoney is already integrated into a number of leading online banking platforms including Jack Henry Banno, Q2 and soon Alkami. Clients on these platforms can expect to deploy Unifimoney in less than three days with a no-code configuration on their online banking portal. Oklahoma-based First Fidelity Bank is the first customer to go live with the service.

“Community banks and credit unions are the backbone of the US economy, As demand increases from these community financial institutions, we are pleased to collaborate with Unifimoney to further extend their existing services and empower more consumers on their long term wealth management journeys. Unifimoney’s turnkey approach and exceptional user interface provides an incredibly compelling way to achieve this.”

- Connor Coughlin, General Manager, Fintech, of Apex

Ben Soppitt Co-Founder and CEO of Unifimoney said, We took great care and time in choosing the brokerage platform needed to support what are some of the most heavily regulated financial companies in the world. Apex stood out with its deep market experience, broad product mix and robust compliance procedures as well as their understanding of and passion for credit unions and community banks.

About Unifimoney
Unifimoney is a multi-asset turnkey digital wealth management platform that serves Fintechs, Community Banks and Credit Unions to enable them to offer compelling investment services to their customers. The Unifimoney platform today includes both passive and active investing in traditional equities and ETF’s. 80 cryptocurrencies and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. Unifimoney RIA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unifimoney Inc. is a SEC registered RIA. Unifimoney is part of the ICBA 2022 ThinkTech Accelerator Program.

About Apex Fintech Solutions
Apex Fintech Solutions is a fintech powerhouse enabling seamless access, frictionless investing, and investor education for all. Apex’s omni-suite of scalable solutions fuel innovation and evolution for hundreds of today’s market leaders, challengers, change makers, and visionaries. The Company’s digital ecosystem creates an environment where clients with the biggest ideas are empowered to change the world. Apex works to ensure their partners succeed on the frontlines of the industry via bespoke custody & clearing, advisory, institutional, digital assets, and SaaS solutions through its Apex Clearing™, Apex Pro™, Apex Crypto™, Apex Advisor Solutions™, Apex Silver™, and Apex CODA Markets™ brands.


Gain valuable insights into testing in SAP to measure them against real life errors and risks. Explore an easy workflow into mitigating business and tax problem with TestSuite’s solution in an infographic, "Testing in SAP." This infographic delivers key insights into: Considering real-life tax scenarios that influence test resul


Gain valuable insights into testing in SAP to measure them against real life errors and risks. Explore an easy workflow into mitigating business and tax problem with TestSuite’s solution in an infographic, "Testing in SAP." This infographic delivers key insights into: Considering real-life tax scenarios that influence test resul

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In a recent development, MeridianLink, Inc., a top supplier of cloud-based software solutions for financial institutions, and Fintel Connect, a pioneer in marketing technology for the financial sector, announced that they have entered into a partnership. By integrating Fintel Connect's campaign tracking and partner marketing platform into MeridianLink® Opening, the two companies are making full-funnel marketing more transparent and helping banks and credit unions grow their deposits and loans. The account opening solutions from MeridianLink make it easy for banks and credit unions to find new deposit and loan customers quickly. Its turnkey integration with Fintel Connect enables financial institutions to track campaigns through the funnel and optimize marketing expenditure by linking campaigns to real opened accounts and funded loans. The company's banks and credit unions can also use Fintel Connect's affiliate marketing to grow their customer base. Megan Pulliam, SVP of Marketplace at MeridianLink, stated, "We are proud to expand the resources available to our customers in the MeridianLink® Marketplace with the addition of Fintel Connect, a solution that provides transparency to financial brands on their marketing journey and spend." "By integrating Fintel Connect's solutions into MeridianLink, our customers can build strategies and allocate budgets smartly and efficiently which can positively impact the bottom line," Megan added. (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Increased resource efficiency, enhanced campaign transparency, optimized marketing spending, and scaled top-of-funnel growth are some of the key benefits that will come from the integration of Fintel Connect into the MeridianLink platform. Fintel Connect Founder and CEO Nicky Senyard remarked, "Financial institutions leveraging MeridianLink's account opening capabilities can now achieve a higher return from their marketing efforts and drive more efficient digital growth through the integration of Fintel Connect's performance platform." She expressed, "We're pleased to support MeridianLink's objective to accelerate life's most important financial moments and allow financial institutions to reach new customers and members more than ever before." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Nevertheless, this alliance directly supports Fintel Connect's objective to empower financial brands with the tools for safe, cost-effective, and scalable business growth in an ever-evolving industry. About MeridianLink MeridianLink® powers financial institutions' digital lending, account opening, and consumer reporting agency data verification. Its scalable, cloud-based platforms help customers deepen consumer relationships through data-driven, personalized experiences throughout the lending life cycle. The company streamlines digital experiences to boost income, lower risk, and exceed customer expectations. Its partner marketplace offers hundreds of integrations for customized innovation. MeridianLink has democratized finance for consumers, businesses, and communities for over 20 years.

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On February 1, 2023, Papaya Global, a SaaS fintech firm that provides global payroll and payments technology, was nominated to GGV Capital and Crunchbase's Embedded Fintech 50, a ranking of startup investors' most promising fintech startups. In order to select the 50 winners, GGV Capital brought together 57 investment firms to submit nominations and vote. The fact that the Embedded Fintech 50 has raised a total of $12 billion shows that venture capitalists are optimistic about the industry's future. Eynat Guez, Co-Founder and CEO of Papaya, remarked, "This important investor recognition from the fintech industry reinforces our goal of educating companies on the advantages of a fintech approach to global payroll and payments." She further added, "Global payroll and payments are complex and as such need to be automated, visible at all times, fast and accurate. With our industry-leading capabilities of delivering payments within 72-hours, we are showing the power of embedded fintech within global payroll. What we're doing allows our enterprise clients to effectively and efficiently manage their global workforces." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Hans Tung, Managing Partner at GGV Capital, stated, "Embedded fintech is a bright spot in today's market, and it is exciting to see how companies are democratizing access to financial services through technology." "We are excited for the continued development of the embedded fintech landscape and further creative innovations to come. Congratulations to the Embedded Fintech 50 honorees!" he concluded. (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Papaya Global Papaya Globalis revolutionizing payroll, payments, and workforce management. Its global platform streamlines the HR processes of over 160 countries, from recruitment to onboarding, management, and compensation. The cloud-based service is scalable and easy to use. It also offers cutting-edge business intelligence and analytics, and guarantees full compliance. About GGV Capital GGV Capital makes multi-stage, sector-focused investments worldwide. The company invests in founders starting category-leading businesses worldwide, believing that talent can come from anywhere. The company has offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. It has invested $9.2 billion in the US, Canada, China, Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, and Israel.

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Valuant, a well-known compliance and credit risk software and service provider, has recently been acquired by Abrigo, a pioneer in compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for financial institutions. The acquisition aligns with Abrigo's goal of providing world-class software and services to 2,300 financial institutions. Furthermore, the merger brings together two successful, customer-focused companies, allowing Abrigo to introduce additional services and provide customers with more options. Abrigo has been assisting its clients in mitigating portfolio risk for over twenty years. With Valuant on board, Abrigo can better protect its clients from credit risks and economic uncertainty. As an organization, Valuant must take advantage of the chance to grow alongside these top-tier, locally vested organizations with which it partners. Valuant also said that the company gives its clients power through its software and services and meets the highest standards for customer satisfaction. Regarding Abrigo, the firm indicated that it discovered a strategic partner with a similar customer focus capable of providing more solutions and services to its loyal clients. Abrigo's portfolio risk and credit risk solutions automate risk management. Connecting stress testing, estimating predicted credit losses, economic forecasting, budgeting, asset and liability modeling, etc., is possible with one-time data entry and robust frameworks. In addition, Abrigo's award-winning customer service, cybersecurity, and implementation will benefit Valuant's clients. About Abrigo Abrigo's compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions help customers manage risk and grow. Its purpose to 'Make Big Things Happen' emphasizes its dedication to helping community financial institutions flourish despite 'the perfect storm' of shifting regulatory requirements, limited resources, increased competition, expanding technologies, and changing consumer expectations. The company helps customers do well by giving them new products, world-class support, and unmatched expertise.

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