A New Partnership: Kasta and Ralph Boschungto Bring Formula Racing and Digital Currencies Together

Kasta | February 21, 2022

Kasta and Ralph Boschung announced bringing the brand to formula racing as part of the company's scaleup strategy. Kasta is the next-generation Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform, and Ralph is a member of the Campos Racing team and winner of the GP3 Series. In addition, Ralph is a big supporter of crypto adoption and an early believer in the Kasta team.

Kasta is building an app for users to make it easier for users to make crypto payments in their daily lives. The application is likely to launch in the second quarter of this year. The project is going to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The adoption would occur, simplifying sending and receiving assets—the $Kasta token powers the Kasta Ecosystem.

On this, Ralph Boschung F2 Driver says, "I'm thrilled to admit Kasta as a sponsor for my Formula 2 world championship season in 2022. Formula 2 is about speed, innovation, and technology; I genuinely believe that Kasta and Formula 2 merges on this aspect and make the partnership very fruitful.

When Kasta CEO Carl Roegind first approached about the fantastic partnership, he rejected the offer in FIAT as he couldn’t justify the expense. But, later, he was pleasingly surprised when he accepted the offer.

F2 has a global community and is the perfect event for us to be involved with. It exposes Kasta to a large audience worldwide that values technology and performance. The opportunity also means our team will be on the ground at races this year, showing off and onboarding users; the exposure will be amazing. More to Ralph, I have known him for some time, and he will be a great ambassador for the brand. I wish him well on track this year, and I am sure the whole team will join me in cheering him on every race."

Carl Roegind Kasta CEO

According to the partnership, the Kasta team will be attending Formula 2 and Formula 1 racing events to present the Kasta app and onboard fans this year. F2 is a fantastic sport for Kasta. It can align itself with the growing worldwide crypto community. Kasta branding will be showcased on the cars driven by Ralph Boschung the entire year. It will help Kasta advance its momentum and popularity in the future.
The team at Kasta is excited about the sponsorship. The deal was enabled by Carl Roegind, who is working thoroughly to execute a smooth operation for all parties and individuals involved.


Episode 1: Achieving Frictionless Commerce Podcast Series Are you a retail IT professional who is looking to learn more about frictionless commerce and how you can achieve that within your organization? If so, check out the Achieving Frictionless Commerce podcast series! Hosted by technology analyst and entrepreneur Jeremiah Owy


Episode 1: Achieving Frictionless Commerce Podcast Series Are you a retail IT professional who is looking to learn more about frictionless commerce and how you can achieve that within your organization? If so, check out the Achieving Frictionless Commerce podcast series! Hosted by technology analyst and entrepreneur Jeremiah Owy

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Pinwheel Joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect Program

PRnewswire | March 30, 2023

Today, Pinwheel, the market-leading provider of income and employment data provider engineered for fintech innovation, joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program. Visa Fintech Partner Connect participants are Visa Ready certified by Visa and trusted by the global payments ecosystem to help technology companies build and launch payment solutions that meet Visa's global standards around security and functionality. Pinwheel helps leading financial institutions and fintechs become the primary bank, reduce risk, and activate users with market-leading performance, connectivity, security, and compliance. Pinwheel's enterprise-grade API makes it easy to access real-time data and controls in consumer income & employment accounts. Compared to other market offerings, Pinwheel takes income and employment data a step further by applying robust analytics and intelligence to make sense of the data, so fintechs and financial institutions don't have to. Pinwheel uniquely connects to over 1700 platforms (covering 80% of US workers) and over 1.5 million employers. With Pinwheel, fintechs and financial institutions power direct deposit switching, earned wage access, income & employment verification, build innovative new products, and more. Being selected for the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program showcases Pinwheel's strong commitment to security and compliance. Pinwheel is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), meaning the company offers Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant income and employment data that can actively be used in lending decisions. Pinwheel also received the highest security certification in the industry, an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. "We're excited to be able to connect more directly with the fintechs and financial institutions in Visa's ecosystem to help them take advantage of our leading income and employment data connectivity," said Lauren Crossett, CRO of Pinwheel. "Our mission is to create a fairer financial system, and teaming up with Visa will allow us to reach more customers that can build products and services that better serve consumers." "Today, consumers want seamless interactions across mobile and web, and access to a greater suite of digital banking capabilities," said Vanessa Colella, SVP and Global Head of Innovation and Digital Partnerships at Visa. "With Pinwheel participating in the Fintech Partner Connect program, our clients will have access to a powerful set of tools for building new digital-first experiences." Enterprise-grade flagship solutions A recent Pinwheel survey concluded that consumers believe banks and fintechs should be their allies and provide a more comprehensive offering of personalized products. Pinwheel's advanced product suite allows its customers to answer this consumer demand: Pinwheel Deposit Switch: Seamlessly automate direct deposit switching to help customers grow lifetime value, increase retention and profitability, and become the primary financial institution. Pinwheel Smart Branch: Bring the power of digital automation and tools to physical locations to increase profitability, improve the customer experience, and keep pace with consumer preferences. Pinwheel Earnings Stream: Support new products, such as enabling cash flow underwriting and simplifying earned wage access (EWA), to alleviate the financial stress of traditional underwriting and traditional pay periods with Pinwheel's up-leveled insights such as projected earnings or accrued earnings. Pinwheel Taxes: Automate the tax form retrieval process to help build solutions that make taxes less taxing for customers, helping to win consumer sentiment by addressing even more of their financial needs Pinwheel Verify: Access consumer-permissioned income and employment data to manage lending risk, improve underwriting models, and increase repayment rates. About Pinwheel Pinwheel is the market-leading income and employment API. With Pinwheel, fintechs and financial institutions are empowered to build the next generation of financial products that will help create a fairer financial system. Pinwheel provides access to consumer-permissioned income & employment accounts and actionable insights that help them make sense of the data they need to tailor their tools and services for consumers. Pinwheel's platform has enterprise-grade security protocols to power connections to over 1,600 platforms (covering 80% of US workers), and over 1.5 million employers. From that point of connectivity, leading fintechs and financial institutions (such as Block, formerly Square) leverage us to power direct deposit switching, earned wage access, income & employment verification, and build innovative new products. Pinwheel is also a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), making the company the only provider in the space offering Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant income and employment data that lenders can use actively in decisioning. Pinwheel is trusted and funded with $77M by top-tier investors such as GGV, Coatue, First Round Capital, and

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Banco Sofisa partners with Finastra to elevate its risk management strategy

PRnewswire | May 09, 2023

Finastra today announced that Banco Sofisa, a nationally ranked São Paulo, Brazil-based financial institution known for its Sofisa Direto digital bank, has partnered with Finastra to implement Vector Risk, a market and credit risk solution. Delivered via Finastra's and hosted on Microsoft Azure, Vector Risk enables the bank to control the risk of new products with no impact on IT resources. Upon establishing a derivatives desk in 2022, Banco Sofisa determined it needed to quickly and efficiently deploy a risk management solution to support its new product strategy. Recognizing a cloud-based tool would enable speed to market and scalability, the bank consulted Finastra, leading to the selection of Vector Risk, a solution capable of going live within 30 days. "As we continue to build on the success of Sofisa, Finastra is the ideal partner to help connect us with the right solutions for our business." said Renato Perroni, Treasurer at Banco Sofisa. "By implementing Vector Risk, we have the scalability and efficiencies we need to control the risk of our growth strategy with no impact on our existing IT infrastructure." Vector Risk's modules offer seamless connectivity with institutions' internal data, automating manual processes that consume time and resources. Banco Sofisa will utilize the SaaS solution to automate Value at Risk (VaR), Potential Future Exposure (PFE), and Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA), with the ability to quickly launch additional modules within a day. By testing the solution in production, the bank had the opportunity to select the right modules for its business and ensure operational readiness. "Vector Risk's solution on enables Banco Sofisa to better compete with the larger banks in Brazil, offering the tools it needs to analyze risk," said Francisco Neto, Solution Consultant – Treasury and Risk Management, Americas at Finastra. "We look forward to watching the bank grow as it executes its new product strategy." About Finastra Finastra is a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, and launched the leading open platform for innovation,, in 2017. It serves institutions of all sizes, providing award-winning software solutions and services across Lending, Payments, Treasury & Capital Markets and Universal Banking (Retail, Digital and Commercial Banking) for banks to support direct banking relationships and grow through indirect channels, such as embedded finance and Banking as a Service. Its pioneering approach and commitment to open finance and collaboration is why it is trusted by ~8,600 institutions, including 90 of the world's top 100 banks. About Vector Risk Vector Rick is an Australian company with bank customers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Japan, Middle East, Europe, and the United States that provides cloud-based risk software solutions for the trading book. The analytics include VAR, FRTB SA, SACCR, PFE and xVA. Vector Risk won the Microsoft 2018 Partner of the Year Financial Services Award and Finastra's 2022 Trailblazer Partner Award.

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Jack Henry Expands Real-Time Payments Presence with the New FedNow Service

PRnewswire | May 16, 2023

Jack Henry™ (Nasdaq: JKHY) announced today that it is operationally ready to support the launch of the Federal Reserve's real-time payments network, the FedNowSM Service. Jack Henry has actively participated in the development of the newest network, expected to launch in July 2023. More than 20 Jack Henry clients will participate in the supporting pilot and early adopter program. FedNow is an instant payments network that moves funds directly and immediately between financial institution accounts in the United States. The network will initially support multiple use cases and serve as a platform banks and credit unions can leverage to develop innovative payments solutions that support evolving instant payment needs and additional use cases. "Processors play an important role in enabling the FedNow Service for many financial institutions," said Ken Montgomery, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston first vice president and FedNow Service program executive. "We appreciate the commitment that Jack Henry has made to be ready to deliver instant payments services when we launch in July." Alabama-based Bryant Bank and HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union will be among the first financial institutions to implement the FedNow Service using JHA PayCenter. "Partnering with Jack Henry through the use of JHA PayCenter to offer the ground-breaking FedNow Service aligns with a core value of Bryant Bank – preserving our traditional culture while embracing innovation," said Elizabeth Allen, chief operating officer for Bryant Bank. "The ability to provide customers with access to multiple payment channels and faster payment methods empowers the potential of Alabamians." "Over two years ago, we were elated to be chosen as one of the 120 organizations in the FedNow pilot program," said Scott Young, vice president of payments operations for HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union. "We decided to be part of the program because we wanted to have input on how the instant payments rail was going to operate and ensure that the needs of financial institutions in Hawaii were being considered. FedNow will level the playing field and help us compete with the large financial institutions on the mainland." Jack Henry has consistently been on the leading-edge of faster payments, developing JHA PayCenter™, its proprietary faster payments hub, to connect financial institutions to the Zelle Network®, which is owned and operated by Early Warning Services, LLC; the RTP® network, owned and operated by The Clearing House (TCH); and now the FedNow Service. With JHA PayCenter's integration architecture, this ready-built hub connects Jack Henry's core and digital solutions to the faster payment networks and also can be leveraged to connect third-party core and digital platforms. "Today's convenience-driven consumers and businesses expect to move money in the moment of need so real-time payments have evolved into competitive necessities," said Tede Forman, president of Jack Henry Payment Solutions. "Based on the high and growing demand for instant payments, and the fact that more than half of all U.S. DDA accounts are now connected to a faster payments network, banks and credit unions simply can't compete without offering real-time payments and meaningful use cases. We made a strategic commitment to help our clients modernize their payment strategies and platforms with the real-time payments solution or solutions that enable them to remain at the center of the payment experience and to ultimately reduce payments friction and financial fragmentation." About Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® Jack Henry™ (Nasdaq: JKHY) is a well-rounded financial technology company that strengthens connections between financial institutions and the people and businesses they serve. We are an S&P 500 company that prioritizes openness, collaboration, and user centricity – offering banks and credit unions a vibrant ecosystem of internally developed modern capabilities as well as the ability to integrate with leading fintechs. For more than 46 years, Jack Henry has provided technology solutions to enable clients to innovate faster, strategically differentiate, and successfully compete while serving the evolving needs of their accountholders. We empower approximately 8,000 clients with people-inspired innovation, personal service, and insight-driven solutions that help reduce the barriers to financial health. Additional information is available at

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