A New Partnership: Kasta and Ralph Boschungto Bring Formula Racing and Digital Currencies Together

Kasta | February 21, 2022

Kasta and Ralph Boschung announced bringing the brand to formula racing as part of the company's scaleup strategy. Kasta is the next-generation Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform, and Ralph is a member of the Campos Racing team and winner of the GP3 Series. In addition, Ralph is a big supporter of crypto adoption and an early believer in the Kasta team.

Kasta is building an app for users to make it easier for users to make crypto payments in their daily lives. The application is likely to launch in the second quarter of this year. The project is going to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The adoption would occur, simplifying sending and receiving assets—the $Kasta token powers the Kasta Ecosystem.

On this, Ralph Boschung F2 Driver says, "I'm thrilled to admit Kasta as a sponsor for my Formula 2 world championship season in 2022. Formula 2 is about speed, innovation, and technology; I genuinely believe that Kasta and Formula 2 merges on this aspect and make the partnership very fruitful.

When Kasta CEO Carl Roegind first approached about the fantastic partnership, he rejected the offer in FIAT as he couldn’t justify the expense. But, later, he was pleasingly surprised when he accepted the offer.

F2 has a global community and is the perfect event for us to be involved with. It exposes Kasta to a large audience worldwide that values technology and performance. The opportunity also means our team will be on the ground at races this year, showing off and onboarding users; the exposure will be amazing. More to Ralph, I have known him for some time, and he will be a great ambassador for the brand. I wish him well on track this year, and I am sure the whole team will join me in cheering him on every race."

Carl Roegind Kasta CEO

According to the partnership, the Kasta team will be attending Formula 2 and Formula 1 racing events to present the Kasta app and onboard fans this year. F2 is a fantastic sport for Kasta. It can align itself with the growing worldwide crypto community. Kasta branding will be showcased on the cars driven by Ralph Boschung the entire year. It will help Kasta advance its momentum and popularity in the future.
The team at Kasta is excited about the sponsorship. The deal was enabled by Carl Roegind, who is working thoroughly to execute a smooth operation for all parties and individuals involved.


PwC's Global FS Leader, John Garvey discusses the issues of productivity currently in financial services and how organizations can move forward and improve.


PwC's Global FS Leader, John Garvey discusses the issues of productivity currently in financial services and how organizations can move forward and improve.

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